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  1. What to do and see in Istanbul | Travel Luxury Villas Istanbul, officially known until 1923 as Constantinople, deserves more than a visit. The charming Turkish city is the most populated center in Europe, with about 15 million inhabitants, and attracts many visitors every year, attracted by the beauty of its historical monuments,
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  2. Istanbul Airport Taxi | Online Booking
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  3. Hier finden Sie unseren Istanbuler Taxiführer, einschließlich Taxipreise, Kosten, Apps, Flughafenfahrten und Tipps. In Istanbul brauchen Sie kein Auto, um sich in der Stadt fortzubewegen, da es eine Vielzahl von Transportmöglichkeiten gibt. Sie können die Stadt einfach zu Fuß, mit dem Fahrrad oder mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln erkunden.
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  4. The shuttle from Istanbul airport to your accommodation in the city center is free of charge. Your airport taxi driver will use a taximeter to calculate your cost, which will be about 30€ during the day and 35€ at night. Keep in mind that these prices may go up if you have to wait long or have a lot of bags.
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