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  1. The other popular food in Italy is pasta. Today there are more than 500 different types of it being eaten in Italy. Initially brought by Arabs in the 13th century they eat it with honey and sugar. Tomato sauce was added only in the 18th century. Traditionally, pasta was made by the mother of households and the recipes were passed on to their daughters. The old-fashioned way of eating pasta was with fingers, arm held high and head tilted back.
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  2. The Italian government just ordered the entire country to go on lockdown, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said at a press conference on Monday that all non-essential travel — i.e. not for work or emergency reasons — is forbidden throughout the country as of Tuesday morning, although it isn’t yet clear how this will be enforced
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  3. A taxi ride from Bergamo Airport to Milan downtown area takes 1 hour and to Bergamo downtown area only 15 minutes. Area. Cabs at Bergamo Airport can be found outside appearances, at the taxi zone. Organizations .Information on Milan Bergamo Airport Taxis - Details on Fares, Distances and How To Find a Taxi at Milan Bergamo Airport.
    Milan Bergamo Airport, in line with all carrier's regulations, urge all customers to reach ... At the arrivals exit you will find the taxi zone (Radiotaxi 035 4519090).

    At the arrivals exit you will find the taxi zone (Radiotaxi 035 4519090)
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