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  1. Katakolon is a port-village on the south-western part of Greece. It is the gate by sea of famous Ancient Olympia, birth land of the Olympic Games. Each year hundreds of cruise ships and more than one million cruise passengers visit Katakolon Greece. Katakolon is the second most busy cruise port of Greece ,after Piraeus port, according to recent statistics.

    Katakolon itself is a small fish village, with few permanent inhabitants about 600 » , which has been developed the past few years. A lot of shops have open in order to serve cruise passengers calling Katakolon but the main reason of visiting Katakolon is Ancient Olympia. Katakolon port is also a starting point in order to discover the surrounding area such as Kourouta beach resort, Mercouri winery, Kaifas beach and lake, Pyrgos capital city of the region and other nearby beaches such as Agios Andreas, Levendochori etc..

    Useful: Some people misspell Katakolon as Katakalon which is not right ! (but it is also correct to pronounce it Katakolo, without an "n" at the end)
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