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  1. As the plane descends into Cairo, a by cairo airport taxi you arrive in Cairo a bustling metropolis comes into view. A city steeped in history and culture with an undeniable energy pulses below. You only have 24 hours
    Tags: by iokibi (2023-11-26)
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  2. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and a powerful economic, cultural and social centre. Istanbul is half on the European side of Turkey, while a third of the population lives on the Asian side of the country
    Tags: by iokibi (2021-12-03)
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  3. Las Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. With its world-renowned casinos, legendary nightlife, and iconic landmarks, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to visit this vibrant city.
    Tags: by iokibi (2023-05-14)
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  4. Castles and watchtowers on its seven hills. Old neighbourhoods with colourful azulejos and sounds of fado echoing down the cobbled streets. Monuments that remind us that this is where Europeans set out to explore the rest of the world, where the city's river meets the Atlantic. Fishing villages and cosmopolitan beaches, old trams and hip bars. Lisbon has its own special personality, its own beautiful contrasts, its own way of charming you.
    Tags: by iokibi (2022-01-28)
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  5. Portugal’s capital is at once a picturesque, cosmopolitan and creative city, marrying the historic with the modern, the traditional with the contemporary. Lisbon is at its best on summer evenings, when the cafes in the pedestrian streets and the riverside restaurants are buzzing with life.
    Tags: by iokibi (2021-08-15)
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  6. To get to Lisbon Airport from the city centre (and vice versa) it is possible to use metro, bus, taxi.
    Tags: by iokibi (2021-08-22)
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  7. It goes without saying that Portuguese culture is very distinctive. Its capital features plenty of interesting and unique attractions. Lisbon is an incredibly beautiful and expressively modern city. Three days is enough to discover this wonderful location
    Tags: by iokibi (2022-11-13)
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  8. Mykonos is a place with a rich history and many beauties. During your stay on this beautiful Cycladic island, take the opportunity to visit one of the many interesting archaeological and historical sites, as well as to admire the island's unique traditional Cycladic architecture.
    Tags: by iokibi (2022-04-04)
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  9. There are daily connection flights from Athens and Thessaloniki to Porto. The duration of the flight is 6 hours. The following airlines fly to the airport of Porto: Tap Portugal,
    Tags: by iokibi (2021-06-10)
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  10. Uma cidade relativamente pequena de cerca de 300.000 habitantes na parte norte de Portugal, construída na foz do rio Douro no Oceano Atlântico. Porto é uma cidade muito bonita, muito pitoresca, que manteve sua cor e não está cheia de blocos de apartamentos astuciosos. Uma cidade com ruas bonitas, prédios bonitos, ótima comida e uma vida noturna animada. A temperatura ao meio-dia atingiu 25o C e tornou o clima perfeito para refrescar a cidade.
    Tags: by iokibi (2021-08-07)
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